Saturday, July 9, 2011

Be Back in Berlin!

I had to let her go again.
Tonight there's nothing else I can think about. Two hours together went just too fast.

There is too much to say to someone you haven't seen in two full years, someone who used to be there anytime you needed.
We talked as if we had said goodbye only a few days ago: about things we've been doing, about the point in time when we both left Berlin and about the future, when we' ll be living close to each other again. One year, or maybe longer than that.

I was glad to see her, unchanged: stubborn, warm, generous and caring. 
She is doing well and it means so much to me.
So we hugged. But if I had been able to speak, I would have said "Just don't go again, don't leave me!Stay here, you've been too far". Words died halfway in my throat.
And I let her go, because there was nothing else to do. 

(the next post is dedicated to this friend, who is currently living in South Korea)