Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Meet the Bad Girl

What's going on?
This is a question I have been asked a lot lately; and this is what I ask most people all the time.
Since there is no secret, nor mystery: the idea for this blog came to me couple of months ago, in a very angry moment.
I don't recall why I was angry or what I was angry about, but I felt like I had to get it out. 
In fact I faced a big dilemma because anger doesn't belong to my personality. Sure, I can get very upset but it happens seldom, last for a short span, and the adjective "angry" doesn't describe my state of mind in 90% of the cases.
Still, there are strange feelings that dwell inside, crawl to the surface and make their way back. This feels BAD.
What gave me the final kick to start this blog is the end (I do love paradoxes) of my previous blog, Long Island for a Year, which was making me sick.
I was trying to be dedicated but at a certain point I realized that my year in the US is almost over and I should better get used to the idea before it hurts.
Leaving something unexpectedly and suddenly, without much thought, was certainly the right thing for me to do.
This doesn't mean a change of personality, but a more relaxed approach to the change that's coming; I needed a more ubiquitous blog, not so place related.
Of course the thought of going back to Berlin is kind of BAD and I know that I will be complaining a lot as soon as I'll be landed (although I am always glad after landing). 
So, that's what is behind the title.
Plus, of course, a lot of BAD things I dream about, talk about, see and feel.

From the blogosphere there is also BAD news, or at least not so happy: some of my favourite bloggers seem to face a difficult moment.
I really hope it is all NOT SO BAD.