Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Maze In My Dreams II

Dream Of A Dream

Knock knock...Morpheus, will you open the doors of your reign to me again?
I need another favor for I can't sleep. This means no dreams.
Last time we met we had an argument and you left something I am not sure really belongs to me.
Please, open the door!Give me another dream!
Why did you take them away?
Do you think I don't deserve them anymore?Is it because I punched you on the face?
Morpheus was staring all proud and self-confident; I tried to ignore his defiant smile, clearly meaning  “girl, I am not your pharmacy” or I would have started another argument, for I saw  the poppy flowers decorating his bed!!
Still, it was me the one in need and I did an effort to look very sorry for his lips.
“There you go” he said and when I woke up this morning my sister had sent me a message.
It said:
“I am afraid of no ghost”. What did she mean?I am afraid of no ghost either, although....I can think of ghosts  I'd rather keep closed air tight in a jar.
Then my husband asked me “Whom are you going to call?”.
I thought they were plotting against me. What did they know that I didn't know?
Whom was I going to call? I had no clue!
Waking up I only have one on my mind: breakfast.
As a matter of fact, it turned out I had forgotten two faces belonging to  the last dream.
Silke's face was one of those. She was my mid-wife so: W-H-A-T was she doing in my dream?
I wasn't delivering but she was trying to give me some pain reliever.
A strong pain in the neck was all it was about and I wasn't sure why she was injecting something in my legs. Was it just a phantom pain?
The other face is a friend's face I don't quite recall. It is a little blurred in my memory.
But it was some beautifully sad face.
Voila, Morpheus had it right again, I didn't deserve any new dream, because my dreams are totally twisted and they don't mean anything. They are the dreams of Phantasos, not his!
I am told those dreams convey wrong messages, they are not reliable.
Hence I was the one to get a phone call on that very day.
Hadn't I picked up the receiver I wouldn't be a believer, Morpheus would suggest.
He would also suggest I stay away from ghosts. They are not real but they kind of hurt.
The other entity I should be aware of are angels. They wake me up with the excuse of doing something good to me and then they tempt me until I am too weak.
Let's have a coffee, Morpheus, let's sit together and talk business. 
Is there a chance I can have a nice, colorful, pretty, relaxing dream about which I have nothing to complain?
Or are you so mad at me that from now on I am left alone with these strange people?
Remember? Some months ago I told you what I wanted!
I worked hard on that, I was crystal clear about my ambitions and it seemed to me you got it right.
But now you give to me the exact opposite; all the efforts were in vain.
It's not enough you made me argue with a friend, you keep repeating the same mistake over and over. You give me words, you give me feelings and then you turn your back laughing and teasing me; last time, did I hear you right, you said to me:
"Be realistic, you can only be a dream".
Me?Of all the people?
So it happens that I still wander in your reign, this time in other regions, windy and dry and wonder what will be of that dream.
Here I dwell, with no chance to get out. I search for a paved road, for a marked path, but there is none; I call you but you do not hear me or pretend not to.
There are ghosts hanging on the trees, you shape them?Well, I shake them.
Slowly the strength is vanishing; I see you throwing pillows in front of your  ivory door but they are not meant for me, so where am I supposed to rest?

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