Thursday, November 4, 2010

Room with a View

Generally people say "you are what you eat", so if I said that last night I ate boneless chicken breast, mashed potatoes and steamed'd probably suggest it's time for the geriatric care.

This post isn't about food, in fact.

It's about what I see from my window. Or from my windows.
I like to think that the weather and landscapes are an extension of our feelings and of our state of mind. I take pictures not to show people places, but to remember how I feel in a certain place and what the impact of a color or of a certain place has on my mind (you can call it soul, it doesn't make a big difference to me!).

Looking north

When I'm in Italy, visiting my family, I always sleep in my old bedroom. 
It's probably not the biggest but it's still THE ROOM with the best view.

I took this picture two years ago, when there were some major road works to build a highway few feet away from our house. Now the works are completed, so I can see the highway (which makes me totally mad), but yes, I can see the country and the mountains, too.

This is Berlin from our living room - another winter picture, I know but's November, so expecting to find flowers in bloom would only be some kind of perversion.
Our street is very quiet: cars are parked and - despite the two lanes - only one car at a time can drive through. Most important detail is that I can see if the bakery is still open when I crave for Schokocroissants too early in the morning or too late in the afternoon!

Last, but not least, this is the winter view from our second floor here on Long Island. 
If I said "I see the Sound" you might think I am being a bit rhetoric,  but the poetry of it is not in the words.
It makes me kind of sad that I will not see "the other side"; I always fantasize about the distance separating people who are in fact very close.
This is actually true for all my windows. 
As it is true that I am never staring for a long time, nor spying on people passing by. 
You can always see me wave, though.
Maybe a childish gesture of mine. Nevertheless I wave, 'cause you never know...someone might wave back and smile.