Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chandler County Park in Mount Sinai and a Spooky Halloween on Long Island

Some months ago I had promised myself NOT to write anything about Long Island anymore see, sometimes one doesn't choose what to write and just comes across facts and rumors when one expects that least.
This is what happened to me today, reading the North Shore Sun* while enjoying a coffee at Sweet of the Spoon, a very neat place in downtown Rocky Point.

The article I was reading is about a place I often drove (and still drive) by.
Chandler County Park has always been a big incognito since I arrived on Long Island.
Too often I wanted to stop in front of its closed gate and peek inside. 
But after all, to me it meant no more than the next closed park, loaded with ticks and other uncomfortable surprises...

According to ghost hunters Kerriann Flanagan Brosky and Joe Giaquinto  among others, there could be some evil spirits - after which the trail in the Park gets the name  "Satan's Trail"- who wouldn't like people's presence.
In the Park area there used to be a mansion where the tenant, a lady called Mary (a former patient in Kings Park Psych Ward), lived for a short time before disappearing mysteriously. Did she killed herself?Was she killed by a violent husband? We don't know. But her tomb might be in the park and can't be located.
Mary is now a restless spirit, who haunts anyone who tries to find her.

Even though the main versions around Mary's disappearance involve possession or murder, there is a common thread: Mary's spirit doesn't seem to find its way to the after world and lingers between two realms, bothering her "visitors" with scary experiences.

In my acquaintances there were people who could sense these kind of presence and - although I didn't like them - I still believe they had a certain connection with these "spirits" and could (thanks to a special sensitivity) communicate with them.
In the following articles you can find more about Mary's story, the Satan's Trail and Chandler County Park, should you be interested in spending a spooky Halloween visiting the area.

Kerriann Flanagan Brosky Blog 

*The North Shore Sun isn't published any longer, sadly.