Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Why Don't We Look Into Each Other's Eyes (as if We Were Lovers)? - a post about some Bad Ideas

...and while we are at it, why don't we buy a bag full of cinnamon scented pine cones to decorate the house?
Both terrible ideas, probably!

I am going to give you more examples of terrible ideas:

kidding with milk of magnesia to make your mom believe your mouth is foaming -  hilarious (god I am still laughing) but kind of sad for the side effects;

deciding NOT to study a tiny bit of Chinese when it's obvious that the Global Economy requires you to know basic knowledge of Mandarin 
(also helps not to order pig's feet when in front of a Chinese menu!);

leaving your bike unlocked in a spot better known as the Bermuda triangle of bicycles;

letting just anybody know where you're going tonight, or telling a lie about what you're going to do tonight: eventually someone will see you and report that to your parents/spouse/best friend/priest and you'll find yourself in a lot of troubles;

going out and leaving the keys on the mailbox in the hallway, closing the door behind you, walking for hours and coming back to realize don't know where you lost your keys!!


to be continued