Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why Don't We Look Into Each Other's Eyes (as if We Were Lovers)? - a post about some Bad Ideas 2

And why, oh why...don't we talk on  the telephone with our friend Antonella, who's notoriously very chatty, while the stew is "not slowly cooking" on the stove?
Good that we have non sticky pots, because the non sticky layer could never be brought back to its "splendors"!

Or...why don't we eat a nice and warm fritter, so that we can spend all our vacation in bed, with the strongest stomach pains in years but in good company of a sister who - as an act of extreme solidarity - has the same problem, even though she didn't eat a fritter (a mystery we'll never solve!)

So, now you will believe that most bad ideas are connected to food...
Kind of!

Like the time I put my eyes on a nicely wrapped Japanese candy and - sweet junkie that I am needing a sugar boost  - I tried it, just to find out that it was a "sour plum" salty candy. Yes, yak!
(Don't worry: I had my revenge by offering a pure licorice candy to a most respectable Japanese grandpa, and that wasn't a treat for his taste buds!)
Of course there is a zillion small number of bad ideas coming from an irresponsible little spirit dwelling in me (else a responsible and quiet person).

Once, just to pick from the bunch, I missed all trains and buses after a concert and ended up in a station where I didn't have the best encounters of all times, but passed for a...
I swear I was decently dressed: no naked body parts, nor inviting attidudes.
It was just the wrong place at the wrong time of the day (for someone the right place at the right time of the day!).

The other very good idea I had (seems that weird things always happen at the station) was NOT to wait for  some friends with whom I had an appointment.
I just decided to "find" them, because I was sure they had arrived earlier than me (ah ah ah ah, never suppose such thing again!) and they were bored.
So, I ran around half day and - eventually tired and desperate - I got back to the station and...waited!
Miraculously these friends arrived, after "their" day tour.
Of course, at that point it was time to take the train back home for everybody.

And since I never met them again this was really stupid of me!

So, have you ever had bad ideas or even good ideas which turned into a failure/disaster/fun story?

I just remembered one more, but...

...to be continued...