Saturday, February 12, 2011


Berlin is a very fast city; maybe not so energetic like New York or dazzling as Tokyo; it's not as frenetic as Shanghai and certainly not as loud as  you might expect, but it is constantly changing (I like to think of it as a woman who changes her make-up or hairstyle very often): things happen very fast, people are always in a hurry. Still, they can find a lot of room to release the tension.

A short clip made by Giovanni Antico (and here some national pride is obvious) has been circulating on the web in the past months and it's a good example of what I mean.
I know that some of my friends haven't been to Berlin yet, so I post it as a sort of virtual trip....

I will have to quote from Julian Hoffmann's blog:

"Perhaps no other city has taken up as much imaginary space over the last century as Berlin. It is a city forever in flux, not in the gradual, accumulated ways of most urban spaces, but with sudden, violent reinventions. Berlin is a place without definition, occupying a landscape unmeasured. It shifts endlessly between memory and forgetting, between future and past; it encircles the span of dreams".