Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Who Put This BS Into My Daughter's Head?

Not talking about Santa nor flying colorful ponies here...
Two days ago I was picking my sweet child from the Kindergarten's playground and we headed for the park across the street for a Kaffeeklatsch with some of the other moms and kids.
Now, my daughter goes all quiet and whispers: "Just not like the last time: I am not going to tell anyone, else they would all come".
Very unusual words for her (yes, she is a chat box sometimes) and very untypical for a five year old to be aware she might have invited too many kids (too many for whom?) with whom she seemed to had fun.
At first I wasn't really paying too much attention to this, but then I noticed that there are tensions and antipathies between mothers. 

So I kind of suspect she might have heard - if not being told - to keep our "park meetings" small.
What I don't know is how small and whom I should keep out.
Because the unhappy consequence is that now I feel like I need to do a favor to some other mom, without having a special reason to do so.

I too, of course, find some moms nicer than others and to some I don't need to talk...but even so I don't mind too much sitting in the park and talking to them while the kids play together. Maybe this is because I haven't found yet one whom I hate so much that I'd rather go home.

Hopefully, when I meet that mom (and it might always happen, who knows?) I will be able to tell her "With all respect, I believe there is no chemistry between us, so we don't need to talk". 
I'd keep for myself the fact that I can punch people in the nose.