Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kaffee, Schwarzwälder Torte and Bookbinding

Some time ago I was invited to have coffee at our friend Frauke's place.

Having a coffee in Germany - as you might imagine - is a different ritual than having a coffee in Italy, which is where I got my "coffee-initiation".

In the first place, it's usually a bit later in the afternoon - around 4 or even 5pm - and it almost always includes some cake topped with whipped cream (Sahne). If you ask about the reason, you will most certainly hear these words: "Else (the cake) is too dry".
Whatever that means, you have the chance to wash it down with some cups of coffee (cups which can be as refined as those in the picture above or just simple mugs; in both cases you' d have enough fluid to make your bowels soft).

The special occasion for this coffee was Frauke' s birthday, but I was forgetful - and kept unaware - enough so instead of a present I had some work for her (a bit embarassing!): two old books in need of a little restoration!
In fact, Frauke is a bookbinder...

The volumes I entrusted her are a German Saga book which is supposed to be circulating in my husband's family for ages and an illustrated 俳句 (haiku) book with zero value but beautifully illustrated. I definitely will post about the haiku book when it's ready...