Monday, July 25, 2011


Have you ever had a collection?
Like in the picture above, I think a own a discrete number of tea-pots and teas, but not as many as "papers" (in the form of letters, envelopes, postcards, maps, love-messages from chocolates...)
I used to collect pebbles and shells when I was a child. And still do, if I have a chance.

Why am I collecting all of that?I think it's just to "admire" these objects: I have some moments of high affection but I can also live without them (ok, not without maps!).
Sometimes it is just fun to concentrate on shapes and colors and to sort things or just to favorite one according to a special mood. 
Talking about teas: today I think I am going to drink "Ridiculously Raspberry Tea". 
It's the perfect tea for a "ridiculous" summer day!