Friday, July 22, 2011

Mel Gibson and My New Job

via Archiv Für Filmposter

You might say I save the good ones for the rainy days, but last night I dreamed I had a job interview with Mel Gibson (as seen in Braveheart but with more casual clothing) as my boss.
It was about a teaching job - which would be great - in a little school in the woods. The woods? Am I Little Red Riding Hood?

I do understand the job thing. But...MEL GIBSON?
What the hell is this guy doing in my dreams?The thought of him doesn't touch me remotely. I haven't seen movies with him, talked about him nor read about him in ages.

The best part, though, is that I got the job: Mel was testing my competitiveness by letting me pick fruits from a tree (I really hope there was no biblical symbolism here) and, since I was climbing the tree instead of picking the lower fruits, he decided I was perfect for the assignment.
In the little school. In the woods. Mmmhhh....

Maybe it's a lucky dream. And if I manage to find the job I like I'll probably owe it to Mel Gibson.