Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Never Asked to Be Your Mountain - Travel Plans

My suitcase feels abandoned and lonely in the basement.
With its non aggressive in-line skates' rubber wheels, silvery case, elegant and tech look, it can surely claim to be right one for me.
It's a posh suitcase. And a little vain.

So, suitcase, be merry!You are going to be out soon. Excited already?

This time there is no intercontinental adventure, which feels odd and unusual.
I haven't been traveling in Europe in a while and the destinations aren't particularly far, because both Switzerland and southern France are about an hour away from Berlin, by airplane.

I shouldn't be concerned and still, because both destinations are mountainous, I can' t help but wondering how it will be.

Let' s face it: I am not a mountain person. Whatever that means.
Maybe a mixture of fear of height, thin air and curves (all things that make me feel dizzy)?
It seems unbelievable to me, but - in fact - I have been on the mountains before.

"As I die I can't remember
Where I saw the rain:
Could it be that her laughter
Drove me down again?
Charming dancer will you stop,
Stop and talk to me?
Is there someone else you feel
In your dreams? you will, you see:
In midnight gazes
I've found you far from me:
If you lead me on"

Tim Buckeley, I Never Asked to Be Your Mountain