Monday, October 24, 2011

Brugg Downtown - Oh, How Nice It Was

Thinking - and writing - about a place we visited which is very different than the one we're living (and was about ten degrees warmer), is sometimes difficult, as there are always details our memory tends to deform: for a travel enthusiast like me, it's hard to mute the refrain that goes "oh, how nice it was".
Sure: the weather was beautiful. Mostly.
But we also had a couple of rainy days. And: we were in a small town, which means concentrated beauty, but - if compared to a city like Berlin - little choice for what concerns events or restaurants, stores or other attractions.

Oh, how nice it was!

When we arrived with the train in Brugg, 25 minutes away from Zürich, my first thought was: I guess we'll go to Zürich every second day.
That first thought, though, proved to be completely wrong.

We spent our first afternoon walking down the Hauptstrasse (first trying to find a restaurant and later a café) and some of the alleys that surround the center.

The buildings were really charming and well maintained, as well as the gardens. 

We took some pictures from the famous bridge (Brugg=Brücke in Swiss-German) which is supposed to be the first bridge in Brugg. 
At this point, I could tell you that this was it.

But, if you know me a little, you will also know that this wasn't all. 
At the train station I had already seen a sign that read "RUINS" pointing in the direction opposite to that of downtown...