Thursday, October 20, 2011

My First Time in Switzerland

Watch hanging on the ceiling at Zürich Airport

Sometimes I like to joke about the fact that I am "made in Switzerland", like a watch, because my parents vacationed there nine precise months before I was born.
In fact, I had never been in Switzerland until three weeks ago and - although I knew it was famous for its watches - I didn't expect to find watches (and watches advertisement) EVERYWHERE.

I found it a bit overwhelming (as I stopped wearing a watch some years ago), but somehow this "time-filled" oasis gave me a strange sense of security. 

As much as it is a stereotype, being on time is one of the things that made our stay in Switzerland very smooth, especially regarding transportation.

Zürich Airport train Station

My first impression, watches aside,  was that we were still in Berlin.
Ticket vending machines, signs and colors were exactly the same.
Here and there you'd have a touch of French design, but - maybe because we were in the German-Switzerland - the difference wasn't that huge.

Only later, emerging from the "non- lieux" (train stations, airports...), we had a clearer vision of the differences we were going to experience.

Vending machines, too, revealed interesting details (tell me if I am wrong, but I don't think I've ever seen anything like this in Germany!)
Is buying pregnancy tests from a vending machine a sign of a liberal society or a sign that people would feel ashamed of buying them in a drug store or pharmacy?

From Zürich-Airport we took the train and reached our destination: Brugg, about which I'll tell you in the next posts.