Saturday, January 22, 2011


a city rich in history, culture, nature, too..
So, while it is a very interesting place to live, at the same time I find it difficult to have something new to say about it.
Besides - being a non-Berliner but an Italian in Berlin - all I'll say will be filtered by my "non-native" cultural background: Italians are one of the biggest minority here, so I don't feel abandoned and frustrated when I complain about some special German (or Berliner)  "stereotype", to use a moderate word.

This won't become exclusively a Berlin blog (I was kind of ranting about writing in German but some of you might not be happy about that and blogging is also about connecting with people, sharing ideas and feelings, so English is kind of fair compromise. Forgive the many mistakes, though).

This long introduction to ask: WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THIS?
photo source is Kraft Foods

Already thinking about choco-cheesecake?or chocolate frosting?