Sunday, February 6, 2011

Words I Needed

When I dream there is always a glimpse of me that stays awake.

When I have nightmares, my mind finds strategies to reject the things I don't quite like.
If I get hurt, I get miraculously healed; If I lose a child somewhere, I find her years later on a street; If someone wants to kill me, I have another life at my hand...

This time it's about words.
In real life I don't have them. So they come to me when I sleep.
Someone wrote a letter to me with words I had wanted to hear: apologies, nice words, words of support, positive words, not necessarily happy words.
In my mind I had wanted to keep them as long as possible: I wanted to get up and write them down immediately, so that they are not LOST, so that those warm and good feelings could stay there forever, instead of vanishing so quick.

I was willing to stand up but I fell asleep again, into another dream and yet...the next dream was about having no paper.

My mind gave me  in my dream the first thing she could find to write down those words and - of course - I wrote them down.
They were written twice, so how could they be forgotten?

Indeed, I have already forgotten and when I try to remember a single one of them, all I can think about is that they felt as mysterious as one of those old parchments found in a sunken ship, with secrets to uncover, maps that lead to places you're not sure still exist... if ever.

Everything has drowned: words, memories, certainties.
What do you want to be sure of?What do you need to know?
Where do you want to find it?
Do you want to be a truth seeker or a survivor?